Check out Momentum Electric's 50-Day Money Back Guarantee

Momentum Electric is the first brand of electric bicycle to propose you a formula of 50 days for riding your bike on your daily commute and being fully satisfied of your purchase, No more 14 days trial ! 

If you are not convinced about your bike, for any reason we refund you ! Our goal is to have happy customers that enjoys riding their electric bicycle everyday. 

There are 2 conditions for this refund:

  • Do not damage the bike during this 50 days trial
  • keep the invoice and the box, we need it to make the collection of the return.

If you not keep the box it will cost you an extra 70 euro€ to have an other box.

The 50 days trial starts from the day of delivery, wether for orders or pre-order and is only valid for the purchase of an electric bike from Momentum Electric. For accessories you have a legal period of 14 days do be refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.