One of Momentum Electric's main objectives is to revolutionise and simplify your daily travels. To do so, your electric bike must be permanently functional.

After-sales service and maintenance at home

The warranty for your e-bike's electrical parts (battery, engine, controller, torque sensor, display) is valid for 2 years, and that of the frame for 5 years.

Maintenance and return are free during the warranty period, under the condition that you kept your e-bike's original cardboard package. Our e-bikes have standard maintenance, this is why you must regularly check up the status of tyres, brake grips, or even the tension on the chain, so as to avoid any premature wear..

You can perform this maintenance either on your own by following the user's guide or at every bike repairer's. Once the warranty is over, you can have any part replaced by simply requesting an estimate from our technical service. To give you an idea, we still sell the parts of our first generation e-bikes, which date back to 2012.

Why we have no retailers ?

We seek to offer quality e-bikes from € 1,295 only, by cutting distribution costs. Selling online enables us to make savings that go straight in your pockets.

Besides, we want the after-sales service we offer you to be more responsive and performing than it would be if we resorted to several distributors.

Any question? A return request? Maintenance? No problem, we are available by e-mail, chat or phone. If we cannot remotely solve your problem, we pick up your e-bike at your home for free.