Within the Momentum Electric brand, there are three models of power-assisted bikes. Every user can find what they are looking for with regards to their morphology and the way they use a bike. 

The price of our three electric bike models is now at the unique price of €1,295. The reason for this "low price" is that the Momentum Electric brand has no distributors. We sell our electric bikes in our store in Paris and on our website only. We have sought to keep with the brands ethics by continuing to make a comfortable, reliable electric bike available to the greatest number.

Our three models are all equipped with the same Autorq technology. This electric system has been developed and patented by Momentum Electric and aims at making you feel a unique pleasure thanks to its simplicity and lightness.

The system is made up of four electric parts :

The torque sensor :

It is the masterpiece of our electric bikes. Like many others, we claim loud and clear that an engine placed at the front without a torque sensor is very uncomfortable. The reason is simple, front engines systematically come with a rotation sensor, this why we more commonly call them pedelecs with "all-or-nothing" assistance. We have developed our pedelecs with a front engine, to which our engineers have added a torque sensor. With acceleration becoming fluid and progressive, you can find back the sensations of a regular bike. Assistance is instantly effective as soon as you thrust the pedals, and will automatically cease as soon as you stop pedaling. This technology recreates the sensations of a pedal drive engine but at a lesser cost.

The engine :

A 250W Bafang-made engine is mounted in the front wheel of all three models and complies with European standards EN15194 and EN 14764. The bike is approved for road use as a pedal-assist e-bike. Its speed is thus limited to 25 km (16 miles) per hour. Thanks to the Autorq technology, our engines can progressively accelerate in relation with the force your legs exert on the pedals.

The control screen :

Specifically designed to be as simple as possible, it shows you the selected level of power as well as your battery's charge level.

The controller :

It is the bike's mind and is located underneath the battery compartment, which is completely impervious and can be easily reached (if needs be) by removing the 6 screws of the plastic bonnet.


Both for the male and female kinds, Upstart is made for those who want an e-bike for its sports positions. Its style is that of a racing bike.

Model T

Made for both men and women, the model takes after the form of a Dutch bike frame, which makes it easier to stride over in a more comfortable position.


The youngest in the range, with small 20-inch wheels and a BMX-inspired frame style. This bike can sneak everywhere and is perfect to carry in trains and commuting services, and to store in small flats, camper vans and even ships. Find out more>