Electric Bike

What is a pedelec ?

A pedelec is a bike that provides you with power assistance up to 25 km (16 miles) per hour when pedaling. The e-bikes in Momentum Electric's range are equipped with a 250W Bafang 8Fun electric engine mounted in the front wheel, as well as with the Autorq system, which comprises 2 pressure sensors in the pedal drive. This way, they recreate the effects of a pedal drive engine without the price and weight inconveniences. The 3 levels of assistance will help you reach the maximum speed of 25 km (16 miles) per hour. The e-bike makes all your travels easier, especially in urban environments, and allow you to practice a physical activity in a smooth manner and with controlled effort.

Is the engine noisy ?

No, Momentum Electric's e-bikes are as silent as "regular" bikes.

Does riding an e-bike save time ?

Electric biking is the fastest means of urban transport. It overcomes by far common transport and its repeated delay or user accidents. Besides, it is must faster than cars as well as scooters, and allows you to free your journey durations from traffic contingences.

Is it financially profitable to use an e-bike ?

Compared with all the other urban means of transport, the electric bike is the cheapest. On a yearly basis, it is less expensive than a car with all the costs it induces, and less than subscribing to public transport. That's not all, a grant ranging from 200 to 400 euros depending on municipalities allows you to reduce the purchasing price of your e-bike. Thanks to our 3-month pre-order system, your Momentum Electric e-bike can come to only €895.

Is it faster to ride an e-bike ?

Yes! It is possible to cut down by a third a regular bike's journey time with an e-bike.

Is it possible to exercise with an e-bike ?

Of course an e-bike enables you to exercise, that is even the whole purpose! The power assistance is only here to help and does not exempt you from pedaling: you must pedal to trigger the engine. As a matter of fact, the only difference with a so-called "regular" bike is that whereas your friends will be panting while riding their bikes, for example up a slope, you will instead much better and much longer sustain the effort without feeling intense fatigue. The advantage of Momentum Electric's e-bikes is that they recreate pedaling sensations in a similar way to "regular" bikes, with fluid, linear acceleration, thanks to the automatic speed gears of the rear hub's SRAM. Your two gears will automatically switch as soon as you go faster than 15 km (9 ½ miles) per hour, on the contrary it only takes you to backpedal to get back to the lower gear, whether or not you use electric assistance. The 3 levels of electric assistance will help you moderate your efforts without bothering yourself with switching gears.

Is it environmentally responsible to ride an e-bike ?

The components of Momentum Electric's e-bike frames, as well as the batteries, are entirely recyclable. An e-bike does not release greenhouse gases nor generates pollution. It is the greenest and most effective way to travel around town at the moment.

Battery / Autonomy

What is the battery's autonomy ?

Made up of Samsung SDI 36v – 374.4Wh – 10.4A cells, the 2.8 kg (6 lb) battery provided with our bikes has a unique design. Depending on the level of assistance on the e-bike you select from the Momentum Electric range, you will have an autonomy comprised between 50 and 80 km (31 and 50 miles).

Should I wait until the battery is depleted to plug it in ?

It is preferable during the 4 to 5 first times you use the battery that you charge it completely from 0 to 100%, but after that, this operation is no longer required. If you are too impatient to wait until charge is complete, leave it charging for half an hour, and then you can go for another ride. The lithium-Ion batteries have no memory effect. If you wish to replace your battery (generally after 5 years), you may either buy another one from Momentum Electric (€399) or have it recycled by replacing the older cells, which we will send to Doctibike for recycling.

What is the battery's life time ?

3 to 5 years, depending on use, from 900 to 1200 charge cycles (a charge cycle is a complete, 4-½-long, 0-to-100% charge). For instance, 4 charges, each lasting 1 hour = 1 charge cycle.

How to charge the bike ?

The battery can be charged on a regular power supply socket. The battery can be charged directly on the electric bike or on the mains by removing it from the bike.

How much does a charge cost ?

About 4 euro cents, which is less than for your mobile phone.

Is it possible to charge up by pedaling ?

No. Pedaling sometimes provides insufficient power to keep a light on, so the effort would be far too important to supply a 36V battery from Momentum Electric's range. Besides, you cannot pile up the kinetic energy from an e-bike as you would from certain cars. On top of that, a battery needs slow charging to be at its best of capacity. Pedaling to recharge the battery would cause premature wear of the cells.

Is it possible to ride on a depleted battery ?

Whether the battery is depleted or you do not turn it on, you can indeed ride unassisted. But you must pedal harder !

Momentum Electric

Where is the engine located on a Momentum Electric e-bike ?

The electric engine of Upstart, Model T and 2wenty models can be found in the front wheel. But thanks to the Autorq system placed around the pedals, the engine's speed adjusts to your pedaling rhythm. A front engine without a force sensor works independently from your pedaling rhythm, whereas a front engine coupled with the Autorq system and the automatic 2X SRAM allow fluidity and linearity, without the drawbacks of price and of the pedal drive engine's weight. Our front engines generate a 40 Nm couple, which helps ride up slopes up to 12%. The engine activates at first pedal thrust and instantly stops as soon as you stop pedaling. You keep power under control and assistance is proportional to the level of force you exert on the pedals.

Are the electric bikes heavy ?

One of the misconceptions about e-bikes is they are thought of as much heavier than regular bikes. At Momentum Electric, an e-bike weighs around 20 kg (44 lb). The 2wenty model we offer even goes as low as 16 kg (35 lb) ! To draw a comparison, Paris' shared "Velib" bikes weigh 22 kg (49 lb). And with the presence of electric assistance, the weight issue is solved: it is not you who carry the bike, but instead it carries itself.

Is the e-bike water-proof ?

All the e-bikes in Momentum Electric's range are impervious, whether with regards to the display, the engine, the battery, or its support. Under the rain, the bike has nothing to fear, even when you remove the battery.

Does a Momentum Electric e-bike require particular maintenance ?

Momentum Electric's e-bikes do not need more maintenance than a "regular" bike does. Tyres and brakes will wear away slightly faster due to your higher average speed, and we recommend that you go for service every 1,500 km (930 miles). Our electric bikes can be serviced in all specialist outlets, or through our partner Cyclofix depending on the place you work or live. If in wintertime you do not use the battery, you must store it fully charged in a dry area and charge it again every couple of months.

Insurance and Warranty

Is there a heavy risk of being robbed one's e-bike ?

It would be bad luck for a thief to steal an e-bike without its battery, for he would have to spend €399 to buy another. After every purchase, you must register your e-bike on Paravol.org to have it listed on a national file, so it may be identified in case of theft. Our system allows you to remove the battery effortlessly and since it only weights 2.8 kg (6 lb), you can carry it anywhere you go. We have selected the ABUS BORDO 6500 X-Granite level 15 antitheft device, which guarantees maximum protection in high risk areas. You will have to show a payment receipt for a antitheft of this category in case you want to activate Allianz's damage and theft warranty, which is offered when you purchase your e-bike and runs for 2 years.

Must I sign for an insurance ?

There is no obligation, it is unnecessary. The civil liability of your home insurance is enough, nonetheless, some buyers do subscribe to an extra insurance for theft risk.

What is the warranty for Momentum Electric bikes ?

Your bike's frame is guaranteed for 5 years, whereas the electric parts are for 2 years. With regards to our 3rd generation electric bikes, we have noticed that less than 1% were returned to factory.