VIT-S History

Founded in 2012 by engineering-trained product designer, Ying-Tsao Tan, Momentum Electric has until now been known only for its widely praised front hub electric bicycles with a good ride feel.

Noticing a change in the market in 2013, Momentum Electric started sourcing for a mid-motor supplier and also began to think about what consumers really wanted in a mid-motor electric bicycle.

Momentum Electric has always believed in lightweight electric bicycles and knew from exhaustive research that weight has always been one of the main complaints about electric bicycles from consumers. The main advantage of a mid-motor is power but unfortunately, it comes with a weight penalty.

Momentum Electric reached out to Nidec Copal in 2013 after seeing the early prototype motor at Eurobike. With an initial projected weight of less than 3 kg, the motor seemed to be a perfect match.

The motor evolved through various iterations, as did the design of the bicycle. Having the luxury of starting the project in the early development of the motor, Momentum Electric was able to guide the project around the motor, maximising its potential. A close working relationship was forged and long-lasting friendships were formed.

The final version of the motor focuses on power. Designing an extremely silent motor required high torque characteristics  tuned down but, at the request of customers, Nidec tuned the motor up for torque and is proud to produce the most powerful 25km/h pedelec motor.

The bicycle takes its cue from S-Pedelecs making full advantage of the most powerful motor at its disposal but without the hassle associated with S-Pedelec ownership.

Following the naming convention of its projects, the third electric bicycle by Momentum Electric had to start with the letter V. Inspired by both speed and the form of the letter S, the name VIT-S is play on the French word, vitesse, with the S emphasising both speed and the form from which it is derived.

Today, Momentum Electric will be known for its widely praised front hub AND mid-motor electric bicycles with a good ride feel and continue its philosophy of “moving everybody”.

VIT-S is the result of one of the smallest electric bicycle company in Europe and one of the largest motor manufacturer in Japan.
At 95Nm 700W (max), the Nidec motor is the most powerful 25km/h pedelec motor on the market and only three manufacturers will go into production with it with VIT-S being the only commuter bike.

VIT-S Kickstarter Campaign

VIT-S has been designed for speed, efficiency and comfort. The motor is as powerful as it is efficient, durable and quiet. The design of the frame was carefully considered and sculpted to combine comfort and aesthetics effortlessly. High-end and lightweight innovative components and materials have been used bringing features such as belt drive, carbon fibre fork, continuously variable transmission, shock absorbing handlebars, integrated seatpost lights and top of the range hydraulic disc brakes.

Momentum Electric excels at creating bicycles that are greater than the sum of its components and has poured resources into the development of this remarkable electric bicycle. However, there are further investment tooling and payments that are required to bring the first production run off the factory floor and onto the road.

We will launch our crowdfunding campaign in September 2016 where you will have a chance to be one of the first ones in the world to own a sleek and powerful VIT-S or support us in the campaign.

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