Our 3 electric bikes are equipped with the same system of assistance: the AUTORQ technology, which combines comfort, power, autonomy and adequate weight allocation. The pressure sensor is located in the pedal drive and perfectly recreates the sensations of a traditional bike. The AUTORQ system enhances the battery's capacity to make it last for 80 km (50 miles).

By carefully selecting our high-end components, we guarantee you a long-term peace of mind. By adding our warranty, you can serenely go for long pleasurable rides!

The SRAM Automatix and its 2 automatic gears are there to make sure you are always on the right pedaling efficiency! No gear change, no derailleur and no risk of derailment. And no need for maintenance.

The battery is practical, easy to remove and insert. It takes 4 hours and a half to fully charge. It comprises high-performance Samsung SDI IP65 cells and is water-proof. Key replacement service available online and 2-year all-covering warranty.